Shipping & Case Scheduling


The number of days required is simply an estimate meant to be used as a reference. All scheduling at Inter Pro Dental Lab is done on a case-by case basis. Rushes can be accommodated by calling us directly.



Case Type


In Lab Time

Implants Call for time with 10 days minimum
Porcelain/Gold Crowns/Emax 5 days
Bridge Work 5-10 days
Procera Zirconia Crowns/ Full Zir 5 days
Procera Zirconia Bridges 7 days
Full Upper and Lower Dentures (try-in) 3 days
Process and Finish 3 days
Cast Partials 6 days
Rebase/Reline 2 days
Bite Blocks/Trays 2 days
Splints 3 days
Outsourcing Zir Copings 3 days
Study Models 1 day