Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

As part of Inter Pros complete and partial denture fabrication process, we offer the following services to attain the best end results:

  • Custom trays
  • Custom bite blocks
  • Wax try-ins


Denture processings are done with;


Ivocap processing is a continuous pressure processing. The result is precision fit,dense surface- which reduces porosity in the finished denture. The material mixed in the capsule is injected into the closed flask under pressure. Constant pressure is applied during polymerization. As the denture base material flows consistently, the shrinkage of the material is optimally compensated.


With over forty years of clinical success, Lucitone 199® denture base material is the industry standard. Lucitone 199 offers outstanding esthetics, high impact resistance, and superb flexural strength.

Lucitone 199 is available in a variety of shades to assist in customizing dentures.

  • Original
  • Light
  • Light Reddish Pink
  • Dark Pink

Denture teeth that we mainly use are…

Bioform IPN

Classic plastic


Note: Other types of denture teeth can be ordered upon request (please allow more time for delivery).


  • Highly characterized soft tissue
  • Custom Zirconia denture teeth