All Ceramic

At Inter Pro Dental Lab we offer a wide variety of all ceramic restorations. The choice you make depends on various factors. They all offer high aesthetic result, marginal fit and biocompatibility. Time, strength and stump shade are all factors to consider when choosing a restoration. For every all ceramic case, we ask that you provide a stump shade, which aids us to accurately reproduce the desired tooth colour.


As the industry changes we strive to bring you the best available products on the market.Inter-Pro’s Zirconia products are designed and milled in lab on our 5 axis Roland milling machines, then custom shaded with Zircon Zahns Aquarell colouring liquids.

Full Contour zirconia is milled out entirely of zirconia blocks.

Regular zirconia have zirconia substructure and then veneered with ceramics for higher aesthetics.

IPS e.max Press

This new biocompatible lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots offer exceptional marginal fit, form and function. In addition, they offer improved flexural strength of 400 MPa.

It can be used for the fabrication of single crowns and implant-retained restorations. Bridges may be fabricated in the anterior and premolar region. Outstanding results are obtained from either layering porcelain over e.max coping or by choosing a Monolithic crown, in which the final restoration is fully contoured and made entirely out of ingot material. This full contour pressing makes the Monolithic crown more chip resistant than the conventional veneered porcelain restorations. Not only does the strength of lithium disilicate make it durable in the mouth, but also offers options for cementation. Adhesive or conventional, the choice is yours.

IPS Empress Esthetic Veneers

Are leucite reinforced glass ceramic. The dispersion of leucite crystals in the Empress Esthetic ingot provides greater homogeneity, resulting in enhanced ingot density and improved flexural strength. Ivoclar offers a broad range of ingot color selection, which gives us a perfect tool in creating long lasting, life-like esthetic veneers.

Minimum preparation of 0.6mm is required. Because of it’s high aesthetic properties, choosing a stump shade is a must!

The Empress Esthetic veneers are to be cemented with resin cements only.

E.max Inlays/Onlays

A nice alternative to traditional gold or even for replacement of preexisting amalgams. When pressed, IPS e.max demonstrates flexural strength of 400 Mpa in its final anatomical form.